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  • Hybrid
    - Hybrid will now change your Basic/Dash/Jump Atk. types to Magical Independent Atk.


  • Charisma
    - It will no longer increase Demons' INT.
    - It will now increase Demons' Skill Atk. (15.5% at Lv. 10)
    ㄴ +1.2% per level


  • Charisma Upgrade
    - This skill will be deleted.


  • Brainstorm
    - INT bonus will be deleted.
    - Skill Atk. bonus will be changed. (30% → 40% at Lv. 10)
      > +2% per level


[Chronicle Equipment]

  • Green Dimensional Aura
    - Brainstorm
    > Effect deleted: Increases INT by %.
    > Effect added: Increases additional Skill Atk.
    - Charisma
    > Effect deleted: Increases Demons' STR/INT by %.
    > Effect added: Increases Demons' additional Skill Atk.


Dragon Knight

  • Summon Astra
    - Independent Atk. bonus will be changed from constant form to %.
      > 15% at Level 20
      > A total of 1% Independent Atk. bonus will be applied until Level 6, and then the bonus increases by 1% with every new level.
  • Gormandizer
    - STR bonus will be replaced by a Critical Atk. bonus (%).
      > +10% at Level 10
      > +1% per level
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