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Dawning Crevice

Dawning Crevice

  • The Dawning Crevice dungeon will be added to the Harlem area.
  • You can enter it after completing the [Dawning Crevice] The Interdimensional Rift in Harlem quest.
Category Content
Daily Entry Count 4
Exorcism 4760
Fatigue Points 8 Fatigue (fixed)
Party Parties allowed
Entry Materials 20 Seeds of Birth


  • The boss in Dawning Crevice has a chance of dropping Lv.95 Epic items.
  • This Dawning Crevice dungeon also offers the new materials, Aberrant Fragments and Aberrant Crystallines.
Item Type
Aberrant Fragment Can be exchanged for Aberrant Crystallines at Black Market NPC Strawberry Nose Della's shop.
Aberrant Crystalline Can be used for buying Level 95 Harlem Area Epic Equipment items at Black Market NPC Strawberry Nose Della's shop.
(Armor, Accessories, and Special Equipment available)


  • Aberrant Crystallines can be used for buying the following items at the NPC Strawberry Nose Della's shop.
Item Purchase Price
Harlem Area Epic Equipment Items 750 Aberrant Crystallines
1,000,000 Gold
Harlem Area Epic Equipment Recipes 500 Aberrant Crystallines


  • Harlem Area Epic Recipes can be used for upgrading the Harlem Legendary equipment, Kashipa Subjugation Hero, into Epic.
  • Upgrading retains Reinforcement/Boost/Refining/Enchantment options.
Item Crafting Cost
Harlem Area Epic Equipment Recipes
(Armor/Accessories/Special Equipment)
1 Kashipa Subjugation Hero equipment (Armor/Accessory/Special Equipment)
500 Gold Cube Fragments
150 special materials for the crafting process
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