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Antwer Canyon Dungeon Changes


  1. Structure of all normal dungeons have been changed.
  2. Some of the monster’s patterns have been changed.
  • Guerilla Medic’s HP and the cooldown of healing spell has been decreased.

East Ghent Gate

Monster Changes
Riot Captain Shred Jump attack that causes a stun will only be casted once.
Super Armor will only be cast when using the skill.
Minor Spelt Super Armor will only be cast when using the skill. 
Movement pattern has been changed. 
A forward charge motion has been added.
Member of the Kartel Special Forces  

Midnight Assault

Monster Changes
Silky Martel, Felty Martel A signature move will be cast when one of them dies. 
You will be stunned for a set duration after the skill has been fully casted.

Final Pursuit

Monster Changes
Doctor Gizel Monster Summoning cooldown has been reduced. 
He will immediately run away when all summoned monsters die.
  1. New monster has been added.
  • Ghent Outskirts, North Ghent Gate: Kartel Land Runner
  1. Pattern of the AT Walker that appears in North Ghent Gate has been changed.
  • Movement has been improved.
  • Can now move while using basic attack or gattling cannon.
  • Reduced the time it takes for Carpet Bomb to fall.
  • Can now move immediately after casting Carpet Bomb.
  • Range of all skills have been increased.

Other Changes

  1. Some quests of Antwer Canyon has been changed.
  • Number of Kartel Soldier and Kartel Fire Controller you must eliminate for Ghent Outskirts: Securing the Outskirts has been changed.
    East Ghent Gate: Securing Relief Supplies’s quest item acquisition chance has been increased.
  • Cyborg Kartel Soldier Quest’s chance and requirements have been changed.
  • Reclaiming Our Oil Quest’s quest item acquisition chance has been increased and the number of required items has been decreased.
  • North Ghent Gate: Enemies at the North Gate - Number of Quest Monster you must eliminate has been decreased.
  • Number of Kartel Agents you need to kill has been increased.
  • Ghent Battlefield: Eliminating Firemen - Number of monsters you need to eliminate has been increased.
  • Midnight Assault: Midnight Operation - Number of quest items required has been decreased.


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