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Female Gunner




Explosive Grenade

Decreased explosion hit duration.

Topspin Kick

z-axis attack range decreased.

Ranger Skill Adjustments



Triple Clutch

Skills cancelled no longer has increased Attack Power.


Cooldown increased. (18.4s → 20s)

Can no longer cancel headshot to use the skill

Struck targets are no longer stunned but have Super Armor break effect

Super Armor Break effect’s activation chance is equal to the old stun chance.

Struck targets knocked back a great distance.

Attack Power greatly decreased.

Death by Revolver

Critical Damage Bonus increased by 10%.


Attack Power slightly increased

Piercing Strength increased

Multi Headshot

Attack Power slightly increased

Max. projectiles shot at once increased (4 → 7)

Sudden Death

Bonus Physical Critical Rate decreased.

Veiled Cut

No longer increases strength when activated.

Launcher Skill Adjustments



Steyr AMR

Cooldown decreased.

Attack Power slightly increased.

Laser Rifle

Attack Power slightly increased.

Mechanic Skill Adjustments



Ez-8 Countdown

Max. bonus delay decreased.

G-3 Raptor

Attack Power slightly decreased

Backup Land Runner

Cooldown decreases as skill level goes up.

Lv. 1 cooldown increased (20s → 27.9s)

Lv. 10 cooldown is same as before

Gale Force

Attack Power slightly decreased.

Mecha Drop

Attack Power slightly decreased.

Sparrow Factory

Attack Power slightly decreased.

Spitfire Skill Adjustments



Aerial Throw

While throwing, y-axis hit range increased.

While throwing, z-axis lower hit range increased.

Freeze Grenade

Explosion range decreased.

Maximum charge count decreased. (3 → 2)

Recharge Cooldown increased. (8s → 10s)

Lightweight Mine

Range decreased to match the revised image.


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