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Skill Related Changes

Skill Master/Maximum Level Display

  1. Skill Description will now show ‘Master Level’ and ‘Maximum Level.’
  2. ‘Master Level’ is the maximum skill level obtained by using SP/TP. ‘Maximum Level’ means the maximum skill level obtainable by using every possible means of increasing the skill. (Equipment, etc.)

Skill UI Improvements

  1. Automatic skill allocation will be added. You can now automatically select skills.
  2. A function which enables automatic placement of quick slot button will be added.
  3. Learn Skill and Skill Points button’s location have been changed.
  4. Learn Skill’s UI has been improved for better view.
  5. Common Skill’s location has been expanded to allow you to see all common skills at once.
  6. When you put your mouse over the conversion skill, a simple tooltip will be displayed. You can convert by clicking the conversion skill’s ‘Convert’ button. Conversion skill’s location will be changed. When you complete class advancement, conversion setting will be changed to match each advancement.
  7. Steal Skill location will be changed following the expansion of the common skill.
  8. To allow to easily distinguish between active and passive skills, buff skill’s color has been changed.
  9. When learning the skill, the “M”, “C” button will be changed to “<<”,”>>” image. If you mouse over the image, a simple help tooltip will be displayed.

  1. Outline emphasis effects when you master the skill has been removed.
  2. If you click the old skill video, a new skill video will be played. Skill Video’s size has been increased. Description on how to use the skill will be added at the bottom of the new skill pop up video.
  3. If you change the Z, X, C key, the changed keys will be reflected on the skill command window. For skills that had ‘while pressing’ option, command could not be changed. This has now been fixed.
  4. An icon that shows information about the skill will be displayed when you click the skill via the skill UI window.
  5. Cooldown alert function will be upgraded.
  • Buff skills that are not registered in the quick slot will automatically be registered in the cooldown alert.
  • A simple button which allows you to register to the cooldown alert will be added to the right of the icon.
  • Click the button and it will automatically be added to the cooldown alert. Click again to remove.
  1. You can try skills before learning the skill by clicking the ‘Try’ button while watching the skill video. If you click the button, you will be entered into the training room where you can try the skill.

  1. Level 1 skill info will be displayed regardless of whether you have learned the skill. However, information for the following levels will not be displayed.
  2. Skill tree before advancement will be re-allocated to allow you to see special talents of each advancement.


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