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Female Fighter




Basic Attack

Attack Power slightly increased.

Hammer Kick

Attack Power slightly increased.

Neck Snap

Lv. 1-10 immobility time increased by 50%.

Nen Master Skill Adjustments



Solar Shield

Duration decreased. (60s → 20s)

Tiger Flash: Nen Creature of Light

Initial Cooldown decreased. (30s → 25s)

Cooldown decreased. (50s → 45s)

Spiral Nen

Attack Power slightly decreased

Grappler Skill Adjustments



Thunder Suplex

Attack Power slightly decreased.

Overwhelming Grab

Cooldown fixed to 50s.

Air Steiner

Bonus Attack Power against airborne targets decreased.

Wild Cannon Spike

Minimum useable height decreased by 10%.

Finishing Attack’s Attack Power decreased by 10%.

Back Breaker

Bonus Attack Power increased.

Cyclone Suplex

Cooldown decreased. (30s → 25s)

Striker Skill Adjustments



Boxing Glove Mastery

Cooldown reduction value removed.

Super Armor

Cooldown fixed to 50s.

Power Fist

Duration decreased. (10s → 5s)

Attack Speed reduction rate greatly decreased.

Bonus strength slightly increased.

Beat Drive

Can no longer be cancelled by Muscle Shift.

Brawler Skill Adjustments



Heaven's Net

Attack Power Boost Rate decreased.

Junk Spin

General Item Throw’s Attack Power slightly decreased.

Apply Poison

Attack Power slightly decreased.

Abnormal Status level decreased.


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