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Male Slayer




Upward Slash

X-axis hit range decreased.

Aerial Chain Slash

Y-axis hit range increased.

Drive Slash

Attack Power slightly increased.

Cooldown decreased. (8s → 7s)

Gore Cross

Attack Power slightly increased.

HP consumed when you acquire Vim and Vigor decreased by 50%.

Blade Master Skill Adjustments



Charge Crash

Super Armor duration increased. (0.15s → 0.2s)

Dash Shoulder Hit’s y-axis attack range increased.

Upward slash’s y-axis attack range changed so that it has the same range as Dash Shoulder Hit.

Lightsabre License

Bonus Attack Speed when using Lightsabre increased.

Lightsabre Mastery

Bonus Attack Power increased.

Rapid Weapon Switch

Bonus Physical Critical Rate increased.

Bonus Physical Attack Power decreased.

Buff duration increased. (5s → 10s)

Flowing Stance - Rise

Attack Power slightly increased.

Z-axis hit range decreased.

Draw Sword

Knock up power decreases when you have a Bludgeon equipped.

Soul Bender Skill Adjustments



Ghost Step

Bonus Movement Speed decreased.

Evasion rate decreased.

Ghost Slash Drive

Sleep chance decreased.

Rhasa: Carrier of the Plague

Accuracy reduction value decreased.

Shadow duration decreased.


Attack Power slightly decreased

Curse Effect slightly decreased

Kalla of Dark Flame

Shadow Slash Attack Power slightly decreased

Asura Skill Adjustments




Overall Attack Power will be slightly decreased.

Wave Cancellation

Targets no longer fly towards the direction Asura is facing.

Ice Wave Sword

Freeze Duration slightly increased.

Murderous Wave

Monster taunt effect no longer applied.

Attack Power slightly decreased

Berserker Skill Adjustments




Abnormal Status Tolerance set to 200 at all levels


Blood Absorption’s Attack Power greatly decreased.

Thirst Attack Power slightly increased.


Casting time decreased. (0.5s → 0.3s)

Delay after casting decreased. (0.35s → 0.3s)


HP recovery amount slightly increased.

Mountainous Wheel

Shockwave size slightly increased.

Raging Fury

Cooldown decreased. (15s → 14s)

Blood Sword

Changed to full Super Armor.

Bloody Cross

1st level’s HP Cap increased


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