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Character Related Changes

EXP Changes

  1. EXP required for each level will be slightly adjusted.
  2. Clearance Bonus EXP that applied to party when you have Avatar and Creature equipped will now apply to self only.
  3. EXP acquired by completing the dungeon will be displayed on the Dungeon Clearance Result screen.
  4. EXP of Time Break and Slote Power Plant Destruction, Escape will be slightly adjusted.

Leveling Range EXP Adjustment

  1. Each of the Dungeons will have its EXP adjusted.
  2. EXP obtainable from each dungeon will be changed.
  • EXP acquired from level 1 - 84 dungeons will be increased. EXP acquired from level 85 dungeons will be decreased.
  1. The penalty which occurred when the level difference between you and the monster was greater than 3 will no longer occur in all dungeons of the max level area which you can enter.
  2. If you enter a lower level area dungeons, the EXP penalty received will be greatly decreased.
  3. Obtainable EXP type will be added.
  • Quest EXP upon completing Area Adventure Mode Mission
  • Scenario Quest EXP when playing in a Party
  1. Member Bonus EXP will be removed.
  2. Optimal Channel Bonus EXP will now be added to Dungeon EXP.


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