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Male Mage




Icy White Sword

Slow Down level decreased.

Elemental Bomber Skill Adjustments



Elemental Shield

Perfect Water Defense Count decreased.

Magic Cannon

Projectile speed decreased by 20%.

Explosion now attacks enemies in front

Elemental Bomber Cloth Armor Mastery

Stamina Bonus increased.

Flame Circle

Cooldown decreased. (20s → 16s)

Delay after attacking increased.

Crystal Storm

Freeze duration increased.

Infernal Road

Delay after attacking increased.

Glacial Master Skill Adjustments



Grand Shatter

Attack Power slightly decreased.

Glacial Master Leather Armor Mastery

Stamina Bonus increased.

Windmill Spear

y-axis attack range increased.

Path of Frost

No longer decreases Water Resist and Freeze Tolerance.


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