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Quest Related

Overall Quest Improvements

  1. All epic quests have been changed.
  2. Some repeatable and normal quest will be removed.
  3. Side Story quest will be added. Some quests have bene changed to a side story quest.
  4. System quest will be added. Some quests have been changed to a system quest.
  5. Sub Quest System will be added. Sub Quest will automatically be accepted when you accept the main quest and it will be included as a requirement to complete the main quest. Some quests will not have any sub quests.
  6. Some rewards of the repeatable quests can now be purchased from the shop.
  • Sharan: Magic Capsule, Chaos Stone, Sharan's HP Potion, Sharan's MP Potion
  • Marlene Kitzka: Imperial Army Canteen, Imperial Army Hardtack, Flash Bang, Firebomb
  • Beren Vonnegut: Emergency Survival Rations, Baby Octopus, Baby Jellyfish
  • Jun: Silver Dragon Qualification, Gold Dragon Qualification
  • Iris (Requiem): Time Stone
  1. Cinematic will be played when some areas are revealed.
  2. Supply Administration Officer’s Quest material has been reduced.
  3. All epic and side story quests that are 1 level below their current character level will be automatically cleared for existing characters.

Questing UI Changes

  1. Quest UI has been changed.

  1. When you complete the Epic Quest, next quest in sequence will automatically be accepted.
  2. Quest Guide has been changed so that Episode Epic Quest of the Highest Level will be displayed.

  1. Quest Dialogue display method has been changed.
  • Cinematic effect has been added to quest dialogue.
  • Quest Dialogue will now display all at once instead of displaying in sequence.
  1. Quest Clear button will be added to the Quest Book.
  • If a new quest of the next area has appeared due to leveling up while performing the quest, a function to clear all epic quest other than the main epic quest and uncompleted quest will be added.
  • EXP and Quest Reward will not be given if you complete the quest using the Quest Clear button. 
  1. Quest  Abandon button will be deleted.
  • An error where quest progress is not displayed normally if you have accepted multiple epic quests in one area. If you abandon the quest, you can proceed as normal. Due to problems like these, Quest Abandon button remains activated.
  1. Some quest description will be changed.

Storybook System

  1. Storybook system will be added. You can read various lore that was not included in the Epic Quest via the Storybook.
  2. You can acquire/collect Storybook items by completing quests in each area’s dungeons.
  3. You can find your current collection of Storybook via the button right of the consumables tab in the inventory.
  4. Storybooks consist of 1 ~ 5 chapters and each chapter has various items in which you can receive the quest.

  1. Storybook items can be received from normal dungeon bosses of all areas. However, in scenario and adventure mode dungeons, story book will not drop if the boss monster is a normal dungeon’s named monster.
  2. Storybook items are divided into Rare, Unique, and Legendary tiers. Rare and Uniques are account bound whereas legendary is tradeable.
  3. Storybook items are automatically deleted after 2 weeks since acquisition.
  4. Storybook items have a level requirement.
  5. Storybook quest and progress is shared by all characters on the account.
  • If you delete a character which started a storybook quest but did not complete it, each chapter of the storybook that the character had in progress will be reset.
  1. You can find each chapter of the Storybook which has been completed in the Storybook window.

Quest Equipment Reward Changes

  1. Magic Seal Rare Equipment needed for character leveling will be given as a epic quest reward.
  2. Sub Equipment and Magic Stone given as a quest reward will be changed from Uncommon tier to Rare tier.

Other Changes

  1. Training, Urgent and some limited quests will be removed.
  2. Sniper Scope, Pit's Magtonium and Dragon Blow’s quest’s difficulty has been reduced.
  3. You can watch each area’s cinematics again in the completed epic quest tab in the quest book.
  4. You can check the quest for each dungeon using the ‘View Dungeon Quests’ button.
  5. You can check the quest for optimal level dungeon using the ‘Quests for my level’ button.


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