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New Unique/Legacy Items

  1. Added Unique items (level 5 to 85 / 5 level increments)
  2. Added Level 85 Unique Items
  3. Added Level 85 Legacy Items

Drop System Changes

  1. Greatly Increased Legendary and Unique Equipment Drop Rate
  2. Sealed Equipment (untradeable) now has a chance to drop from dungeons.
  3. Higher chance to obtain Sealed Equipment in Special Dungeons compared to Normal Dungeons.
  4. Magic Sealed Unique Equipment is no longer obtainable. Some existing Unique Equipment will have a chance to drop from monsters.
  5. Dungeons have a chance to drop Legacy Equipment suitable to the dungeon level.
  • Legacy Recipe is no longer sold by the NPC.
  1. Only equipment for your class will drop in Lv. 29 or under dungeons.
  2. A special effect will now show when Unique or higher tier equipment drops.

Epic/Legendary Changes

  1. Base Damage of Epic/Legendary Weapons will be increased as follows:
  • Epic: +5%
  • Legendary: +3%
  1. Legendary item options will be buffed.
  2. 75-85 Epic item options will be buffed.

Ancient Dungeon Changes

  1. You can obtain Requiem Weapons from Ancient Dungeons.
  2. Item level of New Legendary Items obtained from Ancient Dungeon will be adjusted to 85.
  • The old legendary items will have ‘old’ tag in front of it. It can be upgraded to level 85 by purchasing the Ancient Unique Conversion Scroll from NPC Luther in the Saint Horn area.
  • Equipment’s reinforcement/boosts, interdimensional abilities, enchants will remain at the current values when you use Ancient Unique Conversion Scroll.
  1. You can now obtain Ancient Dungeon Legendries faster in the EX: Ancient Dungeons.
  2. A quest that allows you to acquire Ancient Dungeon Legendary Purchase Item will be added to Requiem Dungeon.
  3. You can obtain 3x Ancient Dungeon Legendary Purchase Item from the Requiem Quest.
  4. You can only choose one of the [Ancient Dungeon] and [Requiem] quests in which you can obtain the Ancient Dungeon Legendary Purchase Items per day.
  5. Ancient Dungeon Legendary Purchase Item required amount increased by 2x.
  6. The number of Ancient Dungeon Legendary Purchase Items you own will be multiplied by 

Meteor Drop Changes

  1. Greatly increased the Meteor Drop Rate.
  2. The area in which each meteor is dropped will be changed.

Item Tooltip Changes

  1. A total score which combines the value of weapon’s base attack power, stats, reinforcement, boost, refinement, enchant, etc. will be displayed.
  2. Weapon’s total score and stat and enchant information will be displayed in the basic description of item tooltip. You can see base attack power by pressing (F4) detailed description.

  1. Stats that increase character’s attack power will appear brighter. When you compare the currently equipped weapon with other items, stat differences will appear.
  2. Superior and Greater grade items will have its detailed value as percentages. Once all stats reached the maximum value, it will be shown as 100%.

Weapon Durability Changes

  • Weapon’s maximum durability will be increased and the repair costs will be slightly increased.

Item Combination System

  1. An item combination system where you can combine item and soul to create a new item will be added.
  2. Souls can be obtained by disassembling items. You can receive Common/Uncommon/Rare/Unique/Legendary Souls depending on the tier of the equipment disassembled.
  3. Item tiers that can be combined: Rare, Legacy, Unique and Legendary.
  4. The tier of the souls required will differ depending on the tier of the items being combined.
  5. Quest Item, Liberation weapons, and etc. extra valued items cannot be used or obtained from the combination system.

  1. Souls are account bound and can be found in a separate Soul Storage.

Recipe Material Changes

  1. Materials for recipe will be changed.
  • Time Gate - Requiem area recipe will require less materials.
  • Time Gate - Requiem area recipes will no longer require Gold Cubes.
  • Lv. 85 Legendary Weapons, Accessory recipes will now require Lv. 85 Unique as a material. Jun's Blacksmith Ticket will be reduced accordingly.
  • This does not include Liberation and Arena Legendary recipes.

Item (Time-Limited) Changes

  1. The following will be applied to expired items.
  2. Expired items cannot be used.
  • Consumables cannot be used.
  • Equipment cannot be equipped.
  • Options will no longer be applied if you have the item equipped.
  1. Expired items cannot be traded.
  • It cannot be traded to another player.
  • It cannot be added to Personal Shop.
  • It cannot be dropped on the ground.
  1. Expired items cannot be stored in storage.
  • If you store expired items in personal warehouse, it will disappear when you re-login.
  • It cannot be stored in account safe.
  • It cannot be stored in guild storage.
  • Items stored in Guild Storage will disappear upon expiring.
  1. Expired items are restricted from Auction House.
  • It cannot be registered to Auction House.
  • Auction will automatically be cancelled.
  • It cannot be searched in the auction house after a certain period of time.
  1. Expired items are restricted from mail use.
  • It cannot be attached to mail.
  • Expired items will be deleted from the mailbox.

Item Option Changes

  1. ‘Super Armor on Skill Cast’ option on some of the items will be changed to ‘Super Armor while skill is active.’
  2. Slight changes to some of the Chronicle Set item options.

Pot Changes

  1. Lv. 85 Equipment (Rare/Legacy/Unique) will be added to Senior Relic Pot.
  2. Magic Seal Unique will be deleted from all unique relic pots.
  3. Senior NPC will be removed. Senior Relic Pot will be sold by NPC Danjin.
  4. NPC Danjin (Manjin, Arin, Pokin, Cardin, Danjin) and NPC Coral will no longer sell Relic Pots.

Refining Level Expansion

  • Refining Level will now be capped at 8. Will be implemented on later updates

Epic Fragments and Epic Journal

  1. Epic Fragments can be acquired in Hell Party and it is a mandatory item when crafting epics.
  2. Epic Fragments obtained will be accumulated in Epic Journal instead of inventory.
  3. Only Epic Fragments that can be obtained from that Hell Party will drop.
  4. All Epics obtainable from Hell Party will have epic fragments.
  5. However, Epics dropped by special APC in Hell Party will not have epic fragments.
  6. Also, epic fragments does not exist for Lv. 60 epics that are only obtainable from Pots.
  7. Epic Journal is used to check how many epic fragments you currently have.
  8. You can find all epics that are craftable using epic fragments in the Epic Journal.

  1. Epic item crafting will be activated when you acquire 1 or more of that epic item’s fragments.
  2. Epic item can be crafted once you have 1000 epic fragments and all souls, Demon Eyes required to craft it.

  1. Other than epic fragments, the amount of other materials required will differ based on the level.

Boss Unique Changes

  1. It is now easier to purchase Boss Unique items.
  • Chance to acquire Meteor from Meteor Box will be increased.
  • Amount of Meteors required to purchase Boss Uniques will be changed.
  • A new meteor called ‘Arad Meteor’ will be added to the Arad area. ‘Arad Meteor’ can be obtained in Abnova, Meltdown, Castaway Cave and Inverted Waterfall. It is used to purchase Boss Uniques dropped by Bosses in the Arad area.
  1. Boss Uniques will be added to NPC shop in each region.
  2. ‘Oblivion Meteor Random Box’ will be added to Seria’s Shop.

Other Item Changes

  1. Chronicle Item ‘Fierce XX: White Tiger’ items will no longer be dropped.
  2. Ability to grant White Tiger Cooldown Reduction to Tainted Dimensional items has been removed.
  3. Physical Damage of Daggers will be increased.
  4. You can no longer obtain Ancient Dungeon Entry Ticket from Ancient Ruins area mercenary rewards. You will be given Time Gate - Requiem Entry Ticket instead.
  5. Simona will no longer sell Powerful Magic Energy.
  6. Golden Invitation Envelope obtainable from Forgotten Land will no longer contain Ancient Dungeon Entry Tickets.
  7. Gabriel no longer sells Unique Equipment.
  8. Ancient Ruins area reward from the mercenary system will be changed from Lv. 80 Rare, Lv. 80 Unique to Lv. 85 Rare and Lv. 85 Unique.
  9. Consumables with cooldown reduction effects will be changed as follows.
  • Mind Stimulant Potion (30% → 20%)
  • Purified Iced Wall Fragment (20% → 13%)
  • Behemoth Nostrum (15% → 10%)
  • Time Crystal (10% → 7%)
  1. Immobility option of item has been changed. It will be swapped with hit recovery option with same value at 1:1 ratio.
  2. Item Tooltip’s enchant (Reinforcement, Boost, and Refinement) information’s color will be changed as follows.
  • Reinforcement: Azure
  • Boost: Purple
  • Refinement: Purple
  1. Immobility of objects that spawns from some Epic and Legendary equipment will be decreased.
  2. The drop rate of ‘Black Dragon Energy’ from Black Dragon Tournament will be increased. The amount of items required to complete the quest will be reduced.
  3. Liberation Recipe will be changed.
  • You will acquire ‘Concentrated Soul’ whenever you fail to combine Liberation.
  • Untradeable Liberation Conversion Scroll will be added.
  • Liberation Conversion scroll can be purchased for 10x ‘Concentrated Souls’. You have 100% chance to acquire Untradeable Liberation Equipment.
  1. Rare Items will no longer drop as untradeable.
  2. Demon Eye’s rarity will be changed to epic.
  3. Adjustments will be made so that some materials will no longer drop.
  • Solid Turtle Shells, Makeup Kit, Kartel Gun Barrel, Gun Cleaning Tools, Kartel Officer Badge


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