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Dungeons / Raids

  • You can now check the rewards available in the Special/Raid content before you actually enter it.
  • Expectable major rewards will now be displayed in the Special/Raid Channel slots.
Expectable Rewards Major Rewards
  • Now, the Special content's Channel slots will be displayed at all times.
  • You don't have to clear the prerequisite quests to see the Special content's Channel slots in the Channel Selection screen.
  • A lock icon will appear above the Channel slots whose entry requirements you have not yet met, and you can't enter them until you do.
  • If you try to enter an locked channel, its entry requirements will be displayed.


  • You can now buy Raid Entry materials immediately upon joining a Raid Group.
  • If you join a Raid Group without having suitable Raid Entry materials, the Buy Material button will appear in the Raid Group window.
  • Click this button to access the Raid Shop and buy the materials​ at once.
  • The Retexturization function will be added to Raid NPCs to allow Fusing Systems to be used immediately in Raid channels.




  • Major Material items' sources and purposes are now more clearly identified.
  • You can now check major Material items' sources and purposes through their tooltip.
Old New
  • Opening box/chest items are now more convenient
  • The Auto-open function previously applied only to single-content boxes can now be used for other boxes containing probable items.​
  • Shift + right-click a probable-content box with the Auto-open option displayed in its tooltip. The Enter Max Opening Count window will appear.​
  • Enter a number in the window to auto-open that many boxes. (Up to 100)
  • Auto-open can only be used in town.
  • Auto-opening will be canceled if...
    - You move to a different area.
    - You change channels.
    - You move to the Dungeon/Character Selection screen.
    - You delete the item that's being opened and move.
    - You try to use equipment or consumables.
  • If your inventory becomes full, then the rest of the items will be sent to your Mailbox.
  • Items with limited stack quantities will be sent to your Mailbox.
  • Boxes containing items that display special graphic effects will be excluded from auto-opening.


  • The Sell All menu will be added for equipment, Talismans, and Runes.
  • The Sell All button will be added to shops.
  • Select the Sell All button or press the hotkey, A, to open the Sell All window.
  • When this window is opened, the items in your Sell All settings will be auto-added to the window.
  • To set up items, bring the cursor over the Sell All button in the Sell All window.
  • Select the Sell button or press the hotkey, Spacebar, to sell all the items registered in the window.
  • Only equipment, Talismans, and Runes can be sold-all.
  • Only the same kind of items can be sold-all at a time.




  • EXP rewards will be added to the Repeat quests at Level 96 and 98 to help you grow more easily.
  • To quicken the leveling process at Level 96 and 98, EXP rewards will be added to the Repeat quests at those Levels.
  • The target Repeat quests are as follows.
    - [Ghent Palace] Deployed Imperial Knight's Record
    - [Roschest] Grim Seeker Prayers
  • The new EXP reward will replace the old Growth Potion reward.
  • Now, important quests will be highlighted for better visibility.
  • The Act/Scenario Quest tabs in the Quest Book will be darkened.
  • The alert mark for newly available quests will be further highlighted.



Other Changes

  • The Guide of Wisdom Expert mode will be alleviated.
  • Bringing the cursor over the class name in your My Info window will now display a class description.
  • To help you move more quickly inside the Philasia, portals will now teleport you to the center of the ship.
  • The Time Token object in the Guide of Wisdom and Hell Party modes will now display when it can be attacked.
  • The dungeon entrance in town will now display its dungeon mark and title for better visibility.
  • Now, you'll appear in the exact location as your original location when moving to a different subchannel of the same type in the Special/Raid channel.
  • Bringing the cursor over the input pane in the Look for Party window will now display the list of available party search commands.
  • The ​Power Essence Shop will be added to NPC Grail of Purification.
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