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Other Changes

Other Changes

Advancement Trial Dungeon Updates

  • The Try Adv. dungeon will be changed to the Training Center, and certain functions will be added and changed.

  • Now, basic character equipment will be provided. The trial skills per Advanced class will be updated.
  • The new trial skills are at Level 50 or below, just like before.
  • The Basic Control Key Guide UI will be added to the upper side of the screen. Certain UI and functions will be restricted from use.
  • The Menu window will have the following buttons.
    - Reselect Adv.: Change your trial character to a different Advanced class.
    - Summon: Summon up to 5 monsters.
    - Remove: Remove all the summoned monsters.
    - Change: Change summoned monsters. (All the existing monsters will be removed.)
    - Reset Cooldown: Reset all your skill cooldown.
    - Create Character: Click this button to open the character name input pane. Enter a character name to create a character of your current Advanced class.
  • Click End Trial to move to the Advanced Class Selection screen.
  • Certain Trial UI functions will be changed when you enter it through the Change Adv., or through the Advance UI as a non-Advanced character.
  • Your current equipment will be applied, and all the UI functions can be used.
  • Clicking End Trial will send you to town.
  • The Create Character button will be changed to the Advance button. Click the Advance button to change to the currently selected Advanced class.
  • If you're equipped with equipment that only certain Advanced classes can be used, then you must unequip it first to enter the Trial mode.



  •  The following items will be added to Judy Ringwood Shop.
Name Details Price
Fearsome Eye Box (1)

Generates 1 Fearsome Eye.

Fearsome Eyes are used at Lemidia Chrysos: The Golden Altar to convert Epic equipment options and maximize option values.

Ore of Despair x630

2 per character / week



  • Ozma Raid: The abilities that can be improved with the Terror Crest for the Dark Side Engraving system have been updated as follows.
Level Old New
1 Damage +10% at 10% or lower Sanity
Party member damage +10% at 10% or lower Sanity
Damage +5% at 30% or higher Sanity
Party member damage +5% at 30% or higher Sanity
2 Damage +10% at 20% or lower Sanity
Party member damage +10% at 20% or lower Sanity
Damage +7% at 30% or higher Sanity
Party member damage +7% at 30% or higher Sanity
3 Damage +10% at 30% or lower Sanity
Party member damage +10% at 30% or lower Sanity
Damage +10% at 30% or lower Sanity
Party member damage +10% at 30% or lower Sanity


  • The condition for escaping the Sanity Dungeon that is entered when Sanity reaches 0 in Ozma Raid - Normal Mode will be changed.



  • Normal Modes for the following content will now be able to be selected as "4-person Play Mode" (previous Normal Mode) or "Solo Play Mode".
    - Black Purgatory
    - The Exile Mountains
    - The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection
    - Pandeomonium War
  • Limitations for Normal Solo Play Modes are the same as limitations for each content's 4-person Play Mode.
  • Rewards for Normal Solo Play Modes are the same as rewards for 4-person Play Modes.
  • Monster patterns for Solo Play Modes are changed to patterns befitting single players.



  • The number of characters that can be bound to specific content is changed as follows.
Contents Before After
Tayberrs - Fallen Paradise Guide Mode 3 4
Oculus Guide Mode 3 4
Fiend War Guide Mode 3 5
Prey-Isys Raid Guide & Squad Mode 3 5
Sirocco Raid Guide & Squad Mode 3 5


  • When playing in parties of 2 or more players, the Party Synergy effect will now affect the caster as well.
    - The tooltips for related skills will be fixed.


  •  Conversion Spells can now be used, regardless of your current Amplification Level.
    - Conversion Spells won't affect your current Amplification Level.


  •  The Solium Fonse item's options will be partially updated.
    - Before: VIT/SPR +5%
    - After: VIT/SPR +200


  •  Powerful Energy will now be auto-looted.


  •  Now, Delilah will appear when you clear the final dungeon of the Exile Mountains or Pandemonium War.
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