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Advancement: Spectre



The De Los Empire's secret Metastasis experiment resulted in countless sacrifices.
Many young boys and girls were dragged away from their families to be experimented on,
and the failure of these experiments made their sacrifice all the more tragic.
Numerous lives were lost, swept away in the Metastasis energy that had emerged. And then, the lab facilities exploded.
Most of the children who escaped alive were either devoured by the Beasts from Pandemonium or killed by the pursuing soldiers.


Still, a few of them survived.
They were able to avoid death with help from Crowell, the Imperial Knight Master who was repelled by the atrocities of his own country.
These children spread throughout Arad, looking to start anew or swearing revenge on the Empire.


Some learned the Imperial Swordsmanship to develop their own sword-fighting skills and use them against the country.
Some entered into a contract with the Demon Swordmaster to acquire a magic sword and walk the path of revenge.
Some suppressed the power of the Metastasis inside them and traveled the world, learning qigong and dual wields. Later, they'd form their own sect and point their swords at the Empire.
Some others became the messengers of the goddess of death and intended to cast their own shadows over the Empire.


Among them was a girl.
She watched the others choose their paths without choosing one for herself.
From what she saw, none of the paths that they chose would help her get the exact revenge she wanted.


She just stood, watching the others leave until they completely disappeared out of her sight.
Only then, she started moving, carefully holding the broken sword that her savior left with her before he died before her eyes.


She wanted to forge ahead on her own path.
She wanted to get her own revenge.



Skill Introduction

Icon Skill Level Description
Dress Code Leather Mastery 1 Leather Armor additionally increases the Spectre's Attack/Movement Speeds, Physical Critical Chance, Strength, Vitality, Spirit, and Max HP/MP.       
Professional 1 Equips the Diamond Edge containing the nodachi, Obsidian, and the kodachi, White Fang. Changes your Basic attacks to the Spectre's unique style and attack type to Physical Independent Atk.
Double Shot 1 Quickly swings her main weapon and the White Fang, slashing at surrounding enemies twice. Use during Basic attacks to instantly attack without the preparation move.
Rusty Nail 5 Creates a wire with her Ghost Fastener's mana and shoots it at the strongest enemy within range, and then quickly moves to attack it.
Shadow Snake Attack 10 This skill is changed to the Spectre's unique triple attack when you Advance to Spectre.
Slicing Impact 10 Quickly moves forward and sheathes her sword, generating a shock wave to attack surrounding enemies. Can be canceled during the post-attack delay to give way to Sliding Slash and Advanced skills. Can also be used in the middle of Sliding Slash.
Dangerous Hook 15 Swings the White Fang on a wire, gathering enemies, and then slamming them onto the ground.
Blackout 20 Can be used from the ground or in midair. Leaps forward and wraps her wire around an enemy in her path, tossing it. In the case of Grab-immune enemies, inflicts damage on them by pulling and cutting off her wire.
Old Fashioned 20 Increases Independent Atk. Katanas increase Hit Rate and add Bleeding to Shadow Snake Attack.
Blending Pain 25 Cleaves the ground with her sword imbued with her fighting spirit, and then slashes the air, shooting a sharp twister at enemies within range.
Hangover 25 Can be used from the ground or in midair. Chains the White Fang, shoots it at the ceiling, and then leaps, forcefully slashing at enemies as she falls. Can also be cast while Downed or attacked in midair.
Trace 25 Increases Basic/Skill Atk., Movement Speed, and Rusty Nail's enemy detection range.   
Shattered Glass 30 Calmly focuses her energy, and then draws her sword, slashing at surrounding enemies.
Deep Dusk 30 Quickly thrusts the Obsidian at enemies in front. Can be canceled into Shaker Blast and Advanced skills except the Awakening ones during their post-attack delay after they hit.
Wildflower 35 Prepares by crossing her swords, and then swings them backward. While the shock wave created by this backward slash hits enemies, she focuses her energy and delivers a powerful finishing slash.   
Shaker Blast 35 Swings the White Fang on wire as she leaps into the air, attacking enemies in a broad area. Afterward, she discharges sharp spirit swords at them.
Vintage Brew 35 Increases Critical Atk. Katanas additionally increase Critical Chance.
Nightfall 40 Somersaults backward, drawing the Obsidian, and forcefully swings it downward, propelling a sharp wind from her sword. Can be cast in midair if the TP Upgrade skill is learned.
Last Order 45 Sheathes the Obsidian and focuses her mind to extreme limits. She then quickly draws the sword, slashing at surrounding enemies to inflict great damage. A Sheathing Technique skill: can be used through Sheathing Technique after the 1st Awakening Passive skill, License, is learned.



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