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1st Awakening: Rebellion



Every time a dark light flashed, my enemies fell.
My white fang pierced through their hearts.
I'd blend in with the crowd, deceiving them.
I'd hidden the murder in my mind behind my smile.


Even in the sandstorm of the desert,
in the swirling blizzard in Mount Thunderime,
in the steep mountains, which I climbed with thirst burning at my throat,
I thought about nothing but avenging my savior, who died before my eyes.


I'll give up everything that I don't need and only focus on my revenge.
The only thing I want is a single person's life.
My thirst won't be sated until I wet my throat with his blood.


When I finally get my revenge,
I'd love a chilled glass of water.
Then, I'd close my eyes, breathe my last, and finally smile.


- Monologue of the girl known as the Blade of Rebellion​



Skill Introduction

Icon Skill Level Description
License 48 Increases Basic/Skill Atk., and also Attack Speed if Katanas are equipped.
Most Advanced skills can be canceled to give way to the following Sheathing Technique skills: Last Order, Straight Shot, and Daybreak.
  • The canceled Advanced skill's Atk. for the remainder of its duration after the cancellation will be added to the Sheathing Technique and activate a special cutscene.
The Sheathing Technique skills can't be canceled into each other.
Showdown 50 Releases her Ghost Fastener's power, skewing surrounding enemies with numerous pieces of wire. She then draws the Obsidian and slices the wire along with the enemies.
Overface 60 Forcefully kicks at enemies in front, and then shoots the White Fang at the ground multiple times, attacking and Holding enemies within range. Afterward, she cleaves the destroyed ground as a finishing attack.
Bullseye 70 Diagonally shoots wire at the ceiling above and leaps into the air, shooting spirit swords at enemies on the ground. She then quickly drops toward the strongest among them, delivering a downward slash.



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