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Advancement System

Advancement System Update

  • Now, you can directly create Advanced characters, and the following additional changes will be applied.
  • When you create a new character, you'll get a weapon and armor that match your Advanced class by default.
  • The Skill window's Change Adv. system will be updated.
  • The available Level range will be expanded.
  • Current: 15 - 49
  • New: 1 - 69 (Disabled in the Arena channel)

  • Certain features of the Change Adv. UI will be changed or added.
Before Selecting Advancement After Selecting Advancement
  • The Back button will be added to the Before Advancement Change screen.
  • The hexagram character stat chart in the After Advancement Change window will now be based on the following information.
  • Character Position, Control Difficulty, Atk., Range, Speed, and Support
  • All the Advancement quests will be deleted, and the following additional changes will be applied.
  • Now, Elven Knights and Chaoses will receive a shield upon creation, and a Shield Storage guide system will be added.

  • This Shield Storage guide system will only appear when you're not equipped with a shield.
  • After the update on November 23, 2021, non-Advanced characters can no longer be created.
  • Non-Advanced characters created beforehand will be retained.
  • Non-Advanced characters can Advance with the Advance button in the Skill window. An Advancement-related guide message will appear when they open the Skill window.


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