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2nd Awakening: Vendetta



Dear Father,
You birthed me not through blood, but through your own life.
When you died after saving me, your death became my life.
As your daughter, I'll raise my head and make your noble will known to the emperor.


Until my white fang cleaves the sky, turning it crimson,
until my dark light melts onto the earth, soaking it with its obsidian radiance,
until I stop breathing, I won't stop.
I'll get the bloody revenge I've wanted.


I'll soak his throne with his own blood and walk away with his head on a silver platter,
so I can use it to mark your grave and finally lie down next to you.


Dear Father,
You birthed me through your own death.
This is my wish, my only purpose in life,
and my one and only eulogy for you.



Skill Introduction

Icon Skill Level Description
Infamous 75 Increases Basic Atk. and Advanced Skill Atk. Katanas decrease Advanced skill cooldown except for the Awakening skills.
Straight Shot 75 A Sheathing Technique skill: sheathes the Obsidian, and then forcefully draws it, attacking enemies in front.
Press Forward to charge and attack all enemies in your path.
Catharsis 80 Quickly charges and skewers an enemy with the White Fang on a wire. She then steps on this enemy and jumps to maximize the wire's tension, and then quickly drops to the ground, performing a powerful spinning slash along the way.
This spinning slash agitates the air into an angry storm of spirit swords, which pulls enemies with multi-hit damage.
Daybreak 85 A Sheathing Technique skill: requires an enemy within a certain range around you.
Intensifies her Ghost Fastener's mana and infuses the Obsidian with it. She then moves behind the strongest of all enemies and draws the Obsidian, delivering three deadly slashes as the sword's blade flashes. Afterward, she sheathes her sword and enemies within range receive multi-hit damage.



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