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Character Creation UI

Character Creation UI Update

  • The Character Creation screen UI will be updated, and certain functions will be added and changed.

  • You can use the Back button to return to the Character Selection screen.
  • This screen will now contain class illustrations, basic introductions, and the list of available Advanced classes.
  • Double-click a class icon or select the Select Adv. button to move to the selected class's Advanced Class Selection screen.


Advancement Selection UI

  • The Advanced class information display style and certain characters' information will be updated.
  • Updated Info: Control Difficulty, Atk., Range, Speed, Support, etc.
  • Bringing the cursor over the Position information will display an explanation about each position.
  • The Attack Type icon and certain characters' main weapon information will be updated.
  • Click the magnifier button in the Introduction replay clip to display the clip in a bigger size in the center of the screen.
  • Click Try Adv. to enter the Trial dungeon as the Advanced class.
  • Click an Awakening name to check the corresponding character illustration and replay clip.
  • Certain Advanced classes' introduction replay clip will be updated.
Lv.75 Vendetta Selected Lv.100 Neo: Spectre Selected
  • The introductory video for some Advancements will be changed.
  • Click Back to return to the Class Selection screen.
  • Click Create Character and enter a character name to create a character of the selected Advanced class.
Create Character / Enter Character Name Selected Advanced Class Character Created



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