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"The world plays at
  my standard from now."

A fighter who rules the back streets
with treacherous moves, Hades!




New Skill Added

Icon Skill Level Description
Rule Break 75 Decreases all abnormal status tolerances of monsters. Grants various bonuses to Hades' skills.
Chain Drive 75 Thrusts chain into the ground and spins it, inflicting physical and bleeding damage on surrounding enemies, and then throws enemies on the ground.
Cave-in 75 Strikes the ceiling with chain, inflicting physical damage and stunning enemies below with the debris.

2nd Awakening Skill: Upgraded Poison Mine: Firelock

Icon Skill Level Description
Upgraded Poison Mine: Firelock 85 Immobilizes surrounding enemies with his overwhelming presence, and then strikes at them with an iron pipe studded with poison mines.


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