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"I shall leave no regret"

A fighter who has understood
the true ways of the martial art, Titan!




New Skill Added

Icon Skill Level Description
Who's the Strongest? 75 Increases Attack Power and Physical Critical Rate for the Advanced skills. Further increases the skills' Attack Power in the presence of Boss/Named monsters.
Black Tornado 75 Grabs and swings an enemy violently, and then smashes him into the ground.
Technique: Storm Diver 80 Dashes forward a short distance and grabs a series of enemies within a certain range, then uses the grabbed enemies as a foothold to leap and deliver a finishing attack.

2nd Awakening: Sole Bearer: Quaking Tiger

Icon Skill Level Description
Sole Bearer: Quaking Tiger 85 Instantly causes a shock wave to destroy the ground, then kicks off chunks of rock to maneuver in the air. The Titan grabs and throws the strongest of all the enemies, then smashes him into the ground violently.


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