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Nen Emperor

"Heed my words people,
 I have come to save "

Taps into the Nen power to destroy
everything in sight, Nen Emperor!





New Skill Added

Icon Skill Level Description
Spiral Absorption 75 Skills hit and collect environmental energy, which is converted into Spiral Energy.
Windstorm Spiral Power 75 Activates collected Spiral Energy and uses it to improve Lion's Roar, Energy Shield, Haitai Summon, Lion of Suju, Nen Spear, Electric Energy Sphere, and Overlord Spiral Blade.
Overlord Spiral Blade 75 Creates a lightning sword in his hand and stabs at an enemy with it, injecting the lightning energy and using it to detonate him from the inside out.
Moonlight Land 80 Scatters luminous Nen energy across a wide area to attack enemies. The Nen Emperor absorbs the energy of the attacked enemies and converts it into Spiral Energy whose amount equals a certain portion of the total Nen gauge. 

2nd Awakening Skill: Judecca the Eternal

Icon Skill Level Description
Resplendent Form 85 Instantly gathers enemies to the center and then cause an explosion that spreads to the entire screen. After the explosion, the Nen Emperor temporarily radiates an aura that inflicts Light damage on surrounding enemies.


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