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Skill Balancing


Crusader Changes

Grace of God

  1. Buff will now have 1.5x the effect on yourself

Furious Grab

  1. Attack Power slightly increased
  2. Demonized Status Cooldown Bonus changed from 80% → 60%

Crashing Cross

  1. Attack Power Increased
  2. Added bonus explosion after hit

Revenge of Light

  1. Thunderbolt attack’s Attack Power greatly increased when you attack directly

Divine Invocation

  1. Strength Bonus increased by 50%
  2. Intelligence Bonus increased by 50%
  3. Bonus Strength buff rate based on Vitality has been decreased by 42%
  4. Bonus Intelligence buff rate based on Spirit has been decreased by 42%


  1. Strength Bonus decreased by 20%
  2. Intelligence Bonus decreased by 20%
  3. Physical defense Bonus decreased by 20%
  4. Magical defense Bonus decreased by 20%

Divine Flash

  1. Immobility duration increased upon explosion
  2. Heaven's Harmony explosion Removed
  3. Divine Flash Attack Power increased by 33%
  4. Divine Flash explosion range increased by 30%
  5. Divine Invocation explosion Attack Power increased by 20%
  6. Divine Invocation explosion range increased by 50%

Thunder Hammer: 

  1. Self-immobility duration decreased
  2. Light Resistance Reduction Option’s duration has been increased and set to 7s
  3. Thunder Hammer Equip Attack Power slightly increased
  4. Basic Attack 1st, 2nd hit Attack Power has been increased
  5. Thunder Crush’s Attack Power slightly increased


  1. STR, INT, VIT, SPI bonus based on divine power has been increased by 1
  2. Increased the Divine Power stack which is increased when you land a combat skill by 1
  3. Divine Power will stack when you land a combat skill on an enemy

Blessing of Dawn

  1. Select one party member within a range to increase their Independent Attack Power. Independent Attack Power increases based on the caster’s Vitality and Spirit

Blessing of Dawn Upgrade


  1. Blessing of Dawn Upgrade
  •  Blessing of Dawn will be upgraded to an AOE buff and its duration has been increased


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