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Skill Balancing



Will Driver

  1. Will Driver Upgrade has been removed and its effect has been added to Will Driver
  2. Aura size increased
  3. In order to prevent you from mistakenly returning the will driver, the time until you can use the skill again has been increased.

Shadow Clone

  1. Duration/Cooldown has been changed from 20s/40s to 40s/60s


  1. Removed Attack Power and Bonus Accuracy activation requirements and it will now be applied permanently.

Divine Judgment

  1. The time it takes for buff effect to reset after the combo ends has been changed from 1s → 5s.
  2. Level won’t be reset to 0 when combo is cut off. Instead, it will only go down 1 level
  3. Weapon Attack Power Bonus per skill level will be increased. Weapon Attack power per skill level will be adjusted in line with this change. Until level 3, Weapon Attack power will be decreased in comparison to before. After level 5, it will be increased.

Dry Out

  1. Dry Out effect will be applied to Big Bang Punch
  2. Cooldown decreased.

Hurricane 'n' Roll

  1. Click the jump key while jumping to immediately activate the finish. (Not available in Arena)

Gatling Punch

  1. Press the jump key while jumping to immediately activate the finish.

Chopping Hammer

  1. Attack Power slightly increased.

Big Bang Punch

  1. Removed Fail/Success on each hit. It will always attack at the Success Attack Power. Finish will also have Success Attack Power.
  2. Lv. 3, 9 effect changed
  • Level 3 effect: Increases Physical Critical Chance by 10 seconds
  • Level 9 effect: Shadow Boxer cooldown reset, Bonus Attack Power when using Shadow Boxer

Nuclear Punch

  1. Attack Power slightly increased.


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