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Equipment Option Tooltip

  • The single-item Options tooltip will no longer be displayed at the same time with the Set Options tooltip.
  • You can use the View Set/General Options button to switch between the tooltips.



New Button to Check Equipped Set Equipment

  • The Equipped Set Equipment button will be added at the bottom right side of the Inventory and Others' Information UI.
  • Click this button to see the Set equipment currently equipped to you or someone else.



Retexturization System Expanded

  • The Retexturization System will now also be applied to the new Level 100 Legendary, Epic, and Mythic Armor items.
    - The Products of Wisdom are excluded.
  • Retexturization will be added to NPC Roger Levin in West Coast.



Level 100 Epic Equipment Transcendence

Level 100 Epic equipment can be Transcended, not with Epic Pieces, but with the new Material items, Wisdom Crystals.




  • Exorcism penalties will now only be applied to individuals, instead of an entire party.
  • Certain Level 95 Epic items' (Equipment found in the Fiend War and Prey-Isys Raid) Exorcism will be updated.



Fragmented Abyss Equipment

Abyss Fragment 50 Count Boxes will be added to Ceberin's and Spell Deceiver Zasura's Shops.




  • Because the Interdimensional Rift: Otherworldly Adversaries dungeon has been removed, the Chronicle equipment will no longer be available to get.
  • The Chronicle rarity will be removed from the Equipment Dictionary.
  • Gold Cube Fragment Pouches will be added to NPC Bowmaster Ludmilla's Shop.



Kaleido Box

You can now use the Spacebar on your keyboard to use Kaleido Boxes in a consecutive manner.



Other Equipment Options

  • The Damage Reduction option will now decrease up to 70% of damage inside dungeons.
  • Certain options will no longer be applied if the Level difference between the item and monsters exceeds 35.
    - Valiant Aria's additional buff effect intensification
    - Destiny Puppet's additional buff effect intensification
    - The Level difference limit for the Super: Tayberrs equipment is 40.
  • The following skills will no longer be applicable to the item options that are activated along with skills.
    - Creator: Class change skills (Fire, Ice, Interference, Protection, Wind, Mutation, Reenactment, Tuning, Distortion, and Creation)
  • Equipment's Gold Gain Bonus option will no longer be activated if the Level difference between it and monsters exceeds 35.
    - Items that are not limited by Level difference can be used under the same conditions as before.




  • You can now select Advanced/Awakening Avatar options.
  • You can now adjust your party members' Skill Cutscene effects in Settings.
    - Turn off All Skill Cutscene Effects to hide party members' Skill Cutscene effects.
    - The Party Member Skill Cutscene Effects settings are saved per character.



Character Book

  • The following NPCs will be added to the Character Book.
    - Hugh Fitzlary
    - Edwin Jurgen
    - Lindsey Rossum
    - Gina Theodor
    - Van Frantz
    - Hyria
  • Completing certain quests will change certain NPCs' information in the Character Book.




The Endless Eternity item's tooltip will be changed.

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