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  • Demon Slayer: Transgression Sword: Ragnarok will no longer abnormally move the camera.
  • Mechanic (M): All your robots will now destroy themselves as intended when you die.
  • Battle Mage: Twinkle Smash can no longer be abnormally used after Dragon Rampage in Teana Transformation mode.
  • Swift Master: The errors in the Ancient Library Rune [Sonic Move] Options tooltip will be corrected.
  • Sword Master: The Devil Slayer Talisman will no longer abnormally disable Swift Demon Slash's finishing attack when the skill is canceled by Blade Waltz.
  • All the buttons in game will now properly play their sound when clicked.
  • Crusader (M): Holy Ghost Mace will now always properly increase Basic/Skill Atk. during party play.
  • Certain character motions will no longer randomly disable Weapon Shapes and Advanced Avatars.
  • Launcher (F): PT-15 Prototype will no longer cause Clone Weapon Avatar image errors.
  • Avenger: Pandemonium in Demonized mode will no longer cause Clone Weapon Avatar image errors.
  • Blade Master: Incoming damage during Overdrive will no longer cause certain effect errors.
  • Blade Master: Flowing Stance - Clash will no longer randomly apply the wrong Atk. and multi-hit count.
  • Kunoichi: Canceling Shadow Clone into Secret Art: Blazing Blossom will no longer cause the game client to crash.
  • Dark Templar: The Immolation Upgrade tooltip errors will be corrected.
  • Dark Knight: Normal attacks will now always be activated properly.
  • Summoner: Minions' Additional Control Pattern cooldown will no longer be affected by Eclipse's Hive's Summon skill cooldown reduction.
  • Rogue: Sword Dance Upgrade will no longer abnormally display cooldown.
  • Asura: The Ground Quaker Upgrade tooltip errors will be corrected.
  • Witch: Broomstick Control will no longer abnormally enable aerial dashes during the countdown before Arena matches.
  • Crusader (F): The fully charged Spear of Victory will no longer abnormally apply its explosion Atk.
  • Avenger: Demon Guard and Spinning Deformation, if used in midair during Demonized mode, will no longer abnormally enable ground-only Normal attacks and skills in the air.
  • The Side Story Character tutorials will now always properly display related videos in dungeons.




  • The Conversion skill will no longer be abnormally activated at random during party play in the Training Center.
  • Certain items will no longer incorrectly display the compensation that they provide in the event of reinforcement failure.
  • The /leave command can no longer be abnormally used to leave a party during the Prey-Isys Raid.
  • Skill commands can now be successfully reset and updated without errors.
  • Among item options, Bonus Damage will no longer be abnormally applied to Enemy HP Reduction.
  • Item options that are activated by enemy kills can no longer be abnormally activated when dead monsters are hit.
  • Certain equipment's sound errors will be corrected.
  • Now, all the Synergy Option equipment will display Synergy restrictions in its tooltip.
  • The Level Down warning message will no longer be abnormally displayed during Episode Scenario mode.
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