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Guide of Wisdom

Guide of Wisdom

The boundary of spacetime has collapsed, allowing formidable beings to come over from different dimensions.
Adventurer, stop these beings and protect our spacetime continuum.

  • The Guide of Wisdom dungeon will be added to the Elrox.
    - You can enter it after completing the Episode quest, Guide of Wisdom.


Guide of Wisdom: Dungeon Info

  • Dungeon Entry Level: 96
  • Daily Entry Limit: None
  • Mode: Normal/Expert
  • Exorcism: None
  • Fatigue Cost: 8 upon entry
  • Party Mode: Available
  • Entry Material: Time's Guide Stones



Guide of Wisdom: Additional Info

  • You need at least 1 Fatigue to enter this dungeon.
  • Hit the object that appears after all the monsters are defeated to get items.
  • This object's graphic effect varies, depending on its grade. The higher its grade, the better its graphic effect and the items it generates.
  • In Party mode, it displays the graphic effect that matches the highest object grade among your party members.
  • Its drop rate, however, is not affected by the grade.



Guide of Wisdom: Dungeon Rewards

Reward Acquisition Method
Level 100 Epic Equipment Clear the dungeon to create a chance of getting this equipment.
Level 100 Mythic Equipment Clear the dungeon to create a chance of getting this equipment.
Wisdom Crystal Fragment Can be obtained when clearing dungeon.
(A new Material item that can be exchanged for Wisdom Crystals through NPC Knight Robato.Wisdom Crystal: A new Material item used for Transcending Level 100 Epic equipment.)
Monster Card All the monsters create a chance of dropping new Common, Uncommon, and Rare Monster Cards, with Rare being limited to certain monsters.
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