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Explorer Club

Explorer Club Level

  • The Max Explorer Club Level will be increased to 40.    


  • Explorer Club Symbols will be added.
    - You can get these Symbols through Explorer Club challenges.
    - If you haven't obtained a Symbol yet, then the basic Explorer Club Symbol will be displayed.
    - You can select your Explorer Club Symbol in the Philasia > Custom Machine menu.


  • Content Training display method will be changed.
    - Decorative images will be added, depending on your Optimal Level Dungeon, Rank Arena, and other content clear records.
    - How to check my Explorer Club info: Bring the cursor over an image to check your Content Training level.
    - Other characters' Explorer Club Info doesn't display their Content Training levels.


  • Explorer Club attributes will be expanded.
    - Increase your Attribute Level to 40, and your Strength, Vitality, Intelligence, and Spirit will be increased by 290.
    - Level 100 Unique and Legendary Pieces and Wisdom Crystal Fragments will be added to your Special rewards.


  • The new Expedition dungeon, Burning Hill, will be added.
  • The Explorer Club Character Training Level application method will be changed, and more Training levels will be added.
  • Character Training Level EXP Accumulation Method.
    - Old: A set amount of all EXP earned after the Max Level is added to Character Training Level.
    - New: A different amount of EXP earned after the Max Level will be added to Character Training Level, depending on the difficulty level and status of the source dungeon.
    * Example) Training EXP sources, from the bigger to smaller: Basement of Pain (Challenge) > Basement of Pain (Expert) > Normal dungeons


  • Character Training Level
    - Your characters' Training Levels will be changed to match the Max Character Training Level update.
    Level Old New
    Level 1: Challenger Lv. 1 – 49 Lv. 1 – 49
    Level 2: Expert Lv. 1 – 50 Lv. 1 – 49
    Level 3: Leader Lv.1 – 26 Lv. 1 – 49
    Level 4: Guru Lv.1 – 25 Lv.1 – 44
    Level 5: Legend Lv. 1 – 49 Lv.1 – 39
    Level 6: Hero Reach Lv. 1 Lv.1 – 39
    Level 7: Guide N/A Lv.1 – 40
    Level 8: Savior Reach Lv. 1

    - Characters at Training Hero Level 1 or above will be moved up to Legend Level 14 or above, depending on the amount of EXP they have.




Explorer Club Challenge

  • The Explorer Club Challenge System will be added.
    - Various objectives will become available in the Character, Content, and Explorer Club categories.
    - Max-leveled challenges can be clicked and displayed as your Main Challenge in the Explorer Club Basic Info tab.
    - Certain challenges offer Decorative rewards, such as emoticons, Explorer Symbols, Philasia Flying Effects, Adventure Motion Aura Avatars, and Party Request Frames.




Explorer Club Shop

  • The Character Level to accumulate EXP in the Growth Capsule will be changed.
    - Old: Level 95
    - New: Level 100


  • The Character Levels to receive EXP from the Growth Capsule will be changed.
    - Old: Level 50 – 90
    - New: Level 50 – 94


  • The Valor Crystal Shop's products will be updated.
    - Level 86 – 87 Level Up Tickets will be replaced by Level 86–89 Level Up Tickets, and their purchase quantity limits will be increased.


  • Level 90 – 94 Level Up Tickets will be added.


  • The Glory Crystal Shop's products will be updated.
    Category Item
    New Abyss Fragment Chest
    Empyrean Unique Equipment Selection Chest
    Random Talisman Box
    Resplendent Rune Ore
    Time's Guide Stone Box
    Retained Legendary Soul
    Powerful Energy 84 Count Box
    Aberrant Crystalline Box
    Deleted Interdimensional Fragment 120 Count Box
    Ancient Memory Fragment 120 Count Box
    Darma's Symbol 40 Count Box
    Miscellaneous Junk 25 Count Box
    Emblem of Heroes 50 Count Box
    Epic Crafting Machine Coolant
    Demon Invitation 250 Count Box



Weekly Dungeons

  • Tayberrs, the Beast dungeon, and the Luke Raid will be removed from the Weekly Dungeon Info.
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