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  • New Act quests will be added.
    - You can accept them after the Act quest, The Fate of Empyrean.


  • New Episode quests will be added.
    -  You can accept them after the Act quest, Back to Arad.


  • New EXP quests will be added.
    - After the Act quest, Back to Arad, the Ghent Palace EXP quests will be activated, offering Growth Potions as a reward.
    - After the Act quest, Half a Victory, the Los Chest EXP quests will be activated, offering Growth Potions as rewards.


  • The existing quests will be updated.
    - Completion EXP for the Level 90 – 94 Harlem Act quests will be increased.
    - The Journey Selection and Shorter Journey quests that appear when you select the Isys, Pandemonium Meeting, and Pandemonium War Act quests will be deleted.
    - If you are on the Shorter Journey quest, it will be automatically changed to the Original Journey quest.
    - The Pandemonium Meeting and Pandemonium War Act quests can now be skipped through Clear Quest if you are Level 95.
    - The Isys quest's prerequisite quest will be changed to the Act quest, Preparations for the Big Fight.
    - The Isys Act quests' Completion rewards will be changed to Level 95 Magic-sealed Weapon Chests and Level 95 Magic-sealed Armor Chests.


  • The Quest UI will be improved.
    - The Quest Book (F1) will now display Quest Levels in the Details window.
    - The alert mark that appears in the tabs with new quests will now remain until you check the tabs.
    - The text that appears when you complete all the Act quests in an area will be updated.
    - The Episode Quest dungeons will now display Start next quest instead of Retry.
    - The Episode Quest Navigation feature will also be applied to subsequent Episode quests once activated.


  • Certain materials required for 2nd Awakening quests will be decreased in quantities.
    - Seals of Empress Skardi: 40 → 25
    - Seals of Emperor Helm: 80 → 40


  • Level 95 characters who already completed the Empyrean Chronicle Act quests, from Back to Arad to The Fate of Empyrean, will receive the Scenario Dungeon and Quest completion EXP suitable for their Level.


Level 85 – 94 Scenario Update

  • The Level 85 – 94 Act quests will be updated.
    - Certain Act quests and related Scenario dungeons will be removed.
    (If you accepted one of the Act quests that will be removed, then it will be automatically abandoned. Then, the next available Act quest will become available for acceptance.)
    - Quest Clearance EXP for this Level range will be updated.
    - Certain Act quests' Level requirements will be updated.


A New Level 86 EXP Quest

  • The new Level 86 EXP quest, [EXP] Collect Remaining Data, will be added.
    - You can accept it from NPC Meryl.
    - As a reward, you can get a Growth Capsule (10%) that can be used at Level 86.
    - This quest can only be performed at Level 86.
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