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Skill Balancing



Net Throw

  1. Damage boost effect will be applied regardless of immobility
  2. Acquisition SP decreased from 35 → 30
  3. Upgrade TP will be removed and old boost effect added to Net Throw
  4. Throw Cooldown decreased from 7s → 6s

Backstreet Fighting Trick

  1. Double Throw’s skill name changed
  2. Changed to Level 1 Master, Level 11 Maximum Skill
  3.  Following changes have been made to Double Throw
  •  Duration and cooldown changed to 120/30
  •  If Back Pocket is ON when using Poison Throw, it will throw a Fire Bottle as the 2nd projectile
  •  When casting Block Throw, Wrought Iron Brick will be thrown as 2nd projectile
  •  Wrought Iron Brick will do more damage against targets who cannot be stunned

Dirty Barrel

  1. Sticky Ball’s skill name changed
  2. Acquisition SP decreased from 60 → 50
  3.  Attack Power slightly increased
  4.  Applies Strengthened Throw
  •  Basic Throw: Throws a Wooden Barrel that slows enemies in a wide area
  •  Strengthened Throw: Kicks a giant gold drum can to deal massive damage to enemies in a narrow range
  1.  Skill damage type changed
  •  Basic Throw: Magical type percent damage
  •  Strengthened Throw: Physical type percent damage

Blood Rage Chain

  1. Blood Rage’s Skill name changed
  2.  Throws a chain net, causing physical damage and bleeding. Enemies hit are pulled towards you and grounded.
  3. Enemies at the end of the skill range will be pulled toward you.

Claw Mastery

  1. Bleed related function and ON/OFF function removed
  2. Increased Throw Skill’s abnormal status level


  1. Taunt Upgrade TP Removed
  2. Duration adjusted
  3. Cooldown changed to 5
  4. Pressing the forward arrow key while casting will allow you to taunt enemies that are further away (cannot use taunt in Arena)


  1. Increased Stat Conversion Rate and Physical/Magical Critical minimum value conversion rate to 100%
  2.  Added a mechanic where damage of damaging debuffs such as Bleeding, Poisoned, Burning, Paralyzed, Electrocution is increased by 20%
  •  Critical Activation Chance is the average of physical and magical critical hit. Not activated in Arena.
  1. Next Skill’s Abnormal status level has been increased
  •  Needle Throw Bleed level 10
  •  Poison Throw Poison level 10
  •  Venom Mine Poison level 20
  •  Blood Rage Chain Bleed level 20
  •  Chain Drive Bleed level 20
  •  Cave-in Bleed level 15

Poison Throw

  1. Skills which had high efficiency at lower skill levels have been balanced to have more linear effectiveness
  •  Under Lv. 23: Attack Power decreased
  •  Lv. 24: Attack Power is same as before
  •  Over Lv. 25: Attack Power increased
  1. Poison Bottle’s damage type has been changed from Physical to Magical
  2. After learning Poison Throw, pressing the down arrow key will break the Poison Bottle below you

Needle Throw

  1. Regular Needle’s bleed chance increased to 100%

Explosive Hook

  1. Final explosion’s Attack Power will be changed from fixed damage to percent damage
  2. Attack Power slightly increased

Raging Vulcan

  1. Shockwave Damage will be increased against targets under a debuff
  2.  TP function improved
  •  Bonus Attack Power 15%
  •  Can cancel and use Raging Vulcan when you hit Ground Tackle

Raging Vulcan Upgrade

  1. Changed Master level 5, Maximum level 7
  2. Decreased Bonus Attack Power per level (15% → 10%)
  3. Gained TP decreased (3 → 2)
  4. In line with the TP changes, Raging Vulcan Upgrade skill has been reset and points returned

Ground Tackle

  1. Acquisition SP decreased from 40 → 30
  2.  TP function improved
  •  Changed to Master level 5, Maximum level 7
  •  TP Consumption per level increased to 2
  •  Bonus Attack Power increased to 10%
  •  After level 65, it can be upgraded every 5 levels
  1. Attack Power slightly increased

Venom Mine

  1. Acquisition SP decreased from 50 → 40

Needle Spin

  1. Bleed duration changed from 10s → 5s
  2.  TP function improved
  •  Learning it will allow you to move while using Needle Spin

Thousand Hands

  1. Added Attack Power Bonus to Needle Spin, Cursed Quake, Blood Rage Chain

Cursed Quake

  1. Lv. 6 Option changed to Invincibility

New Skills



Back Pocket

  1. Requires 1 level of prerequisite skill 'Strengthened Throw'
  2.  Level 1 master/maximum Skill
  3.  Strengthened Throw can be used while using the next Skill
  •  Sand Splash, Explosive Hook, Venom Mine, Dirty Barrel, Needle Spin, Blood Rage Chain, Cave-in
  1.  Can be turned ON/OFF
  •  ON: Fire Bottle which causes burning, will be thrown as the 2nd projectile against targets under Backstreet Fighting Trick debuff
  •  OFF: Throws Poison Bottle as 2nd projectile


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