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Skill Balancing



Buff mechanics changed

  1. Overwhelming Grab, Counter Strike, Intense Takedown, Impact Combination’s bonus damage effect is now accumulative

Grab Cannon

  1. A screen shake effect has been added to Grab Cannon cast.
  2. Grab Cannon’s damage will be applied normally as intended


  1. Intense Takedown bug fixed
  •  Fling: Added a description explaining it only applies to low kick
  •  Rolling Spike: Added description that it only applies to Final Fall Shockwave

Back Breaker

  1. Back Breaker Skill has been removed and Impact Combination skill has been added

 - Lv. 1 Master, Lv. 20 req. skill

  1.  Using Air Steiner or Wild Cannon Spike after Sliding Grab, Cancelling Grab after landing a Basic Attack and Moment you start fall from the air will increase Skill Attack Power by 8%
  •  Casting cancel grab after landing Shoulder Tackle and Pierce will increase Attack Power by 16%
  •  Bonus effect when activated

Seismic Punch

  1. Skill motion for grappler has been changed
  2. Damage against grounded targets increased by 30% (in dungeon standards)
  3. Can cancel post delay to combo into Snap Shot
  4. Intense Takedown’s Attack Power Bonus is applied
  5. Damage against grounded targets increased from 30% → 50%

Knee Kick

  1. Attack count +1 when used by a grappler
  2. Grappler can change the final attack by pressing the up arrow key
  •  Top: Jumps up into the air, also knocking up the grabbed target with him
  •  Bottom: Throws the grabbed target towards the ground, causing a shockwave that deals damage to nearby enemies.
  1. Applies Intense Takedown skill’s effect
  1. Fling
  1. Dungeon Attack Power increased by 10%
  2. Overwhelming Grab’s animation has been changed
  3. Fixed the bug where some grounded monsters did not get attacked by downward kick
  4. Fixed an issue where Downward Kick’s Shockwave did not receive Intense Takedown’s effect while using Overwhelming Grab


  1. Removed High Kick motion’s self-immobility and jump preparation motion
  2. Can change aerial motion with arrow key press
  •  Top: Kicks enemies in the air in the direction you are facing
  •  Reverse Direction: Kicks enemies in the air in the opposite direction
  •  Bottom: Grabs enemies in the air and slams them down. Can combo into Snap Shot
  1. Removed Stun related functions from Upgrade Skill
  2. Dungeon Attack Power slightly increased
  3. The damage Target receives when they hit the ground has been changed from fixed damage to percent damage
  4. Acquisition SP decreased from 40 → 30

Rolling Spike

  1. Activation form has been changed from downward kick to a grab
  2. Final kick motion will change based on the direction pressed
  3. Fixed an issue where Shockwave was not created on downward kick
  4. Attack Power slightly increased

Counter Strike

  1. Passive effect which increases Grab Attack Power has been added
  2. Grabbing using a counter will increase attack power by 30% (in dungeon standard)
  3. Bonus effect will occur when you grab by countering

Overwhelming Grab

  1. Overwhelming Grab Upgrade Skill Removed
  • Upgrade Skill’s Bonus Attack Power will be applied to Overwhelming Grab
  1. Fixed a bug where using this skill in self-immobility reduced dungeons allowed you be invincible (Super Armor works normally)

Rhythmic Assault

  1. Pressing the X button multiple times while hitting will increase skill speed
  2. Reduced the delay after landing
  3. Enemy knockback distance on hit has been decreased
  4. After level 3, hit range also increases when grab range increases
  5. Added Upward Kick Physical Atk. against Un-launchable Enemies
  6. Attack Power slightly increased


  1. Improved attack mechanics at the start of the skill
  2. Added a description that it will be affected by Overwhelming Grab Bonus Attack Power effect
  3. After hitting, can be cancelled to cast Knee Kick, Fling, Snap Shot, Slam Kick, Rolling Spike, Rhythmic Assault, Focused Fury
  4. Cooldown decreased from 30s → 25s
  5. Attack Power slightly increased

Air Steiner

  1. Damage dealt to grabbed enemies changed from fixed damage to percent damage
  2. Dungeon Attack Power increased by 10%

Focused Fury

  1. Can change the direction of throw by pressing the arrow key
  2. Knock up power increased by using body slam attack against grabbed enemy
  3. Attack Power slightly increased

Cannon Spike

  1. Grab-immune enemy stomp attack power will be affected by Overwhelming Grab’s Attack Power
  2. Attack Power slightly increased

Snap Shot

  1. Upon learning Upgrade Skill, reduces knock back power and delay
  2. MP Consumption and Cooldown will not be affected by the weapon type
  3. Acquisition SP decreased from 30 → 20

MP decreased
For some of the skills

  1. Decreased the MP consumption of next skill
  •  Fling, Slam Kick: Decreased by 30%
  •  Rolling Spike
  •  Wild Cannon Spike
  •  Focused Fury: -10%

Sliding Grab

  1. Changed to Level 1 Master, Level 11 Maximum Skill
  2. Lv. 1 ability is same as old Lv. 10 ability
  3. SP required changed to 100

Impact Combination

  1. Lv. 1 value increased from 8%/16% → 10%/20%
  •  For levels after level 1, the increase value stays the same as before

Shoulder Tackle

  1. Against building enemies that cannot be knocked back, direct and indirect damage will be dealt at once
  2. Attack Power greatly increased
  3.  Prerequisite Skill changed
  •  Iron Physique Lv. 5 → Impact Combination

New Skills



Break Down

  1. Prerequisite Skill: Intense Takedown Lv. 3
  2.  A useful grab skill that can be used both on the ground and in the air 
  • Ground Grab
    •  Charge forward and flip the first enemy encountered
    •  Grab-immune enemies will only receive damage and not other effects.
  •  Air Grab
    •  Leaves an illusion then spins to grab the enemy and slams them to the ground
    •  Grab-immune enemy cannot be damage and will be skipped
  •  Cannot be used in Arena


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