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Crimson Rose

"How shall I shoot
  to make myself look sexier?"

A gunner with swift and deadly attacks, Crimson Rose!







New Skill Added

Icon Skill Level Description
Saw Blade 75

Replaces gunblade's blade with a saw blade, so as to create deeper lacerations. Saw Blade extends duration for all Bleeding effects and increases damage on Bleeding enemies.


*Bleeding Duration Bonus Skills: Gun Dance, Veiled Cut, Bloody Spike, Kill Point, and Blood and Chain  

Kill Point 75

Throws blades and pins down enemies in front of her, making them vulnerable to attacks. The pinned enemies Bleed and receive more Critical damage.


*Press the skill key again to quickly fire at the enemies. This skill expires without the firing attack if the skill key is not pressed again while it's in effect.  

Chain Glint 80 Some skills, when used in the middle of Chain Glint, inflict more damage on their target


2nd Awakening Skill: Blood and Chain

Icon Skill Level Description
Blood and Chain 85 Throws multiple gunblades and dashes forward, gathering enemies in one place, and then shoots a powerful shot. Enemies pulled by the gunblades Bleed.  


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