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"What a fresh smell
  of the battlefield!
  I must be in Paradise."

Dominating enemies from both air and ground, Freyja!




New Skill Added

Icon Skill Level Description
Certification Key 75

A fighting skill that has helped the Female Gunner earned the title of Freyja. While in midair, the Freyja uses her wider field of vision to focus attacks on her enemy's weak spots and inflict more damage with the following skills: 


Basic shot, Silver/Freeze/Blazing/Armor-piercing Bullets, G-14 Buster, G-35L Flash Bang, G-18C Freeze Grenade, G-96 Thermobaric Grenade, Flash Mine, Crossmore, Buster Shot, C4 Remote Control, Photon Bomb, EMP Storm, M-61 Mine, Flying C4, and D-Day.

Quartermaster 75 Temporarily concentrates her bullet supplies for maximum firepower. This skill can also be used while you are in midair. While this skill is in effect, bullet/grenade count, Jump shot count, and max throw count do not fall below 1, and grenades incur a slightly shorter cooldown after each throw.  
G-96 Thermobaric Grenade 80 Throws a G-96 Thermobaric Grenade. The grenade, when it reaches a certain altitude, instantly releases fuel and ignites itself to inflict great damage on enemies in its range. This skill is affected by Imbued Arsenal.  

2nd Awakening Skill: D-Day

Icon Skill Level Description
D-Day 85 Throws a laser signal flare at a front area, guiding artillery support and the Valkyrie task force's attacks. This skill can also be used while you are in midair. This skill is affected by Imbued Arsenal. 


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