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"Like my new toys?
  Oh, sorry.
  Dead can't speak, right?"

A master of arms who rules the battlefield, Optimus!






New Skills Added

Icon Skill Level Description
G-Operator 75 Transforms Corona, Rolling Thunder, Raptor, and Frisbee without the casting motion, and increases Attack Power for the robot skills while the "Buff On!" message is displayed above the Operator. This skill's effects are applied to all Active Robot skills that are not buffs.  
Limit Over 75 Significantly improves the performances of G-1 Corona, G-2 Rolling Thunder, G-3 Raptor, and G-4 Frisbee for a set duration.
G-4 Frisbee 80 A new G-series robot.\nUses its sawtooth-like body to spin around at high speed, attacking enemies. When converted, Frisbees have their own durations. Frisbees cannot be converted to other G robots.

2nd Awakening: Skill: High-mobile Mech: Volt MX

Icon Skill Level Description
High-mobile Mech: Volt MX 85

Summons Empyrean's new combat robot Volt MX to attack enemies. When summoning Volt MX, your character automatically targets enemies within a certain range, so the summoned Volt MX can attack them.


After landing, the robot shoots a spinning cylinder (Raptor Mx2) from its shoulder, and then moves around its attack range, shooting its rifle at enemies within the range.


After shooting rifle a certain number of times, the Volt MX draws a condensed laser sword and slashes at enemies, and then jumps backward, shooting its body parts at enemies, making them explode.


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