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Storm Bringer


"What weapon
  shall I wield today?"

Bombardment on a whole new level, Storm Bringer!









New Skill Added

Icon Skill Level Description
Alpha Support 75 This skill increases Physical Weapon Attack Power and Independent Attack Power, and decreases Recoil (for Laser Rifle, Charge Laser Rifle, Steyr AMR, and Grenade Launcher) and post delay (for Gatling Gun, Flamethrower, BBQ, Flame Pillar, Grenade Launcher, Lancer, Extruder, Ancient Trigger, and Lancer SW).
AJ Reinforcement Part 75

A Heavy Firearm strengthening part developed to improve the efficiency of the weapon. This skill increases Attack Power, size, duration, and enemy Immobility duration for M-3 Flamethrower, Flame Pillar, and Pampero Booster in proportion to their retention periods.


This skill increases Attack Power, shot count per second, cooldown, and bullet size for M-137 Gatling Gun and decreases its bullet interval. Laser Rifle and X-1 Extruder achieve higher Attack Power when they are fully charged, for up to 1.5 seconds depending on their retention periods.


On Addition, Steyr AMR, FM-92 mk2 Lancer, FM-92 mk2 Lancer SW, and Photon Bomb achieve higher Attack Power.  

PT-15 Prototype 80

Shoots compressed air that pushes away enemies and travels a certain distance before it explodes. Use the direction keys to change your shooting direction, or the air will be shot in your facing direction and explode after traveling a certain distance. Press the Up key to shoot the air sideways or the Down key to shoot it at the ground, making it explode and pull enemies.   


  • Basic: Shoot a powerful shot towards the front
  • Down Arrow Key: Pulls enemies together by shooting it towards the ground  
  •  Top Arrow Key: Shoot both ways


2nd Awakening Skill: Operation Raids

Icon Skill Level Description
Operation Raids 85 Equips an armor pack dropped from the air and obliterates enemies in front.\nThe armor pack sends forth a shock wave as it lands, pushing away enemies.


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