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Dark Templar

Skill Balancing



Dark Templar’s

Plate Mastery

  1. Intelligence Bonus increased 
  2. Attack Speed will increase from Mastery when equipping a plate

Usir's Curse

  1. Deals bonus damage between 3-10% upon entering the dungeon
  2. Bonus damage Option fixed to 7%

Hidden Blade

  1. Changed to level 1 master skill
  2. SP has been returned in line with the change to the level
  3. Hidden Blade’s effect and standing basic attack motion changed 
  4. Hidden Blade will be affected by Basic Training
  5. y-axis attack mechanics slightly increased
  6. Increased the knockback power of 3rd basic attack

Hidden Blade Upgrade

  1.  Removed Skill
  2.  TP has been returned in line with the skill being removed

Shadow Lancer

  1.  Adjusted knockback strength of struck enemies

Shadow Binding

  1.   Improved mechanics so that enemies slightly hit by the binding will also be bound

Shadow Harvest

  1. Stun Abnormal status Removed
  2. Even if the enemy has not been hit by the first attack, they will receive defense reduction if they are in the area of skill effect
  3. Enemies hit by the attack will be pulled towards the center
  4. Defense reduction duration increased by 1s
  5. Cooldown adjusted to 6s
  6. Added on/off function for inhale
  7. SP Consumption decreased (25 → 20)
  8. Shadow Harvest Upgrade’s Defense Reduction Duration increased
  9. Can now attack objects during the multi hit


  1. Soul Absorption Cooldown Removed
  2. Bonus Skill Attack Power effect can be maintained for a set duration when you consume souls
  3. Soul Absorption chance decreased
  4. Hidden Blade will not receive Evolve’s Skill Attack Power Bonus
  5. Liberate - Buckshot will receive Evolve’s Attack Power Bonus effect
  6. Absorbed Soul duration has been changed to unlimited
  7. Master level changed (20 → 10)
  8. SP Consumption decreased (35 → 25)
  9. Skill Option rebalanced
  10. Skill Option value is now accumulative


  1. Attack Power slightly increased
  2. SP Consumption decreased (30 → 25)

Liberate - Buckshot

  1. Attack Power slightly increased


  1. Can use all active skills of Dark Templar to active this buff
  2. Congest buff can now be maintained for a set duration after using the skill
  3. SP Consumption decreased (200 → 100)
  4. Skill Option value is now accumulative

Black Mirror

  1. Attack Power slightly increased
  2. Increased the Mirror duration after the attack ends
  3. Mirror’s HP increased by 20%
  4. Acquisition level changed to 2
  5. Skill Attack Power re-balanced
  6. It can now attack Objects

Deadly Cape

  1. While using Deadly Cape, Liberate - Buckshot’s cooldown will decrease
  2. Cancelling the skill with jump will immediately cast the final hit
  3. Skill Attack Power re-balanced

Deadly Cape Upgrade

  1. Changed to Bonus Attack Power per level

Loyal Servant

  1. Removed the mechanic where you can convert enemy to an ally using Usir’s servant
  2. While Usir’s servant is attached, you can constantly gain soul charges
  3. While Usir’s servant is attached, enemy’s shadow resistance value is decreased
  4. Cooldown for re-attaching to the same enemy changed from 20s -> 10s 
  5. Cooldown will be calculated from the moment the servant is attached to the enemy


  1. Removed ability to use arrow key when using a Dash Slash attack
  2. Semi-spherical orb created on stab will last until the end of the skill. Also, it will now pull nearby enemies
  3. Orb will explode with the finishing slash attack and cause damage to the enemies
  4. Explosion Attack Power added
  5. Added semi-spherical orb and orb explosion effect


  1. Cooldown decreased by 10s

Shadow Hiding Upgrade

  1. Removed Skill

Scaffold Upgrade

  1. Multi Hit damage +9%

Shadow Clone

  1. Acquisition level changed to 2
  2. Skill Attack Power re-balanced

Destroyer Upgrade

  1. Skill can now be used while jumping


  1. Attack mechanics adjusted

Liberate - Buckshot Upgrade

  1. Skill Option adjusted
  2.  - At lv. 1, Soul Consumption -1, Attack Power decreased by 14%
  • At lv. 2, Attack Power increased by 14%

New Skills



Soul Drain

  1.  Use the illusion to attack damages within a certain range in front of you to absorb souls and cause damage

Soul Drain Upgrade

  1. Soul Drain’s Attack Power Upgraded
  • Bonus Attack Power per level: 10%

Liberate - Madness

  1. Creates a magical circle to hold enemies and launches souls to damage enemies within the circle

Liberate - Madness Upgrade

  1. Liberate - Madness’s Attack Power Upgrade
  •  Attack Power increased per level: 10%
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