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Demon Slayer

Skill Balancing


Demon Slayer Changes

Basic Attack

  1. Whip sword will now display correctly to match basic attack and dash attack
  2. Standing Basic Attack Hit count changed: 4x → 5x

Heavy Armor Mastery

  1. Strength Bonus increased
  2. Physical Critical Hit increased when wearing Heavy Armors due to Mastery

Heaven Cleaver

  1. Automatically changes to Soaring Blades upon entering dungeon
  2. changed to level 1 master/passive skill
  3. Removed Heaven Cleaver Upgrade
  4. Heaven Cleaver’s Bleed Level will increase based on character level

Soaring Blades - Draw

  1. Adjusted Soaring Sword’s position so that it is closer to Demon Slayer
  2. Soaring Sword’s interval will now be shorter
  3. Cooldown decreased to 5s
  4. Can be cancelled by pressing the jump key while casting
  5. y-axis Hit range has been reduced to match the effect
  6. Attack Power slightly decreased

Soaring Blades - Thrash

  1. Attack distance adjusted, Removed shockwave on 3rd strike
  2. Attack distance has been decreased by skill combo has been made easier
  3. Attack Power Rate adjusted in line with the removal of Shockwave Attack Power
  • 1, 2 Hit: Attack Power increased by 20%
  • 3rd Hit: Attack Power increased by 60%
  1. Cooldown decreased to 6s
  2. Attack Power slightly increased


  1. Increases Demon Slayer’s Strength when learned
  2. Cast the skill to cause Festering to an enemy
  3. Grants Bleed option to Soaring Blade skill and 
  4. applies Festering debuff to bleeding targets
  5. Attacking enemies under Festering debuff with certain skills (Blood Majin, Sanguine Choreography, Demonbane, Sword Demon Strike,
  6. Usurper Phnom) will increase that skills Attack Power
  7. Skill Duration changed from 40s → 60s
  8. Buff will be affected by item switch
  9. Strength Bonus Removed and changed to Skill Attack Bonus
  • Skill Attack Power increased by 23% at Lv. 20
  1. Gloom Sword: Giga Blade will be affected by Berserk’s Festering effect
  2. TP function removed. TP effects merged to the skill.

Berserk Upgrade


  1. Berserk duration increased by 10s per level
  2. Festering debuff duration increased by 5s per level
  3. Bonus Attack Power against enemies under Festering debuff increased by 10% per level

Soaring Blades - Impale

  1. The tearing Atk. applies also to enemies that are immune to Grabs.
  2. MP Consumption decreased, Cooldown changed to 8s
  3. Attack Power adjusted

Soaring Blades - Reinforce

  1. Bleeding Blades will now be applied, Casting time decreased
  2. Bonus Attack Power that differed in each skill has been unified

Soaring Blades Upgrade


  1. Soaring Blade - Draw/Impale/Thrash/Reinforce Upgrade skill has been merged to one skill - Soaring Blades Upgrade
  2. Previous Upgrade Skill’s options changed
  • Increased Bonus Attack Power per level and Bonus Attack Power rate per level increased

Blade Retraction

  1. Swing motion removed
  2. Can pull all targets except Grab-immune targets
  3. Pull mechanics have been adjusted to allow for easier skill combos
  4. Mechanics improved, MP Consumption Reduced
  5. Attack Power adjusted in accordance with the removal of swing motion

Wild Thrash

  1. Repeatedly pressing the attack key after casting the skill increases casting speed
  2. Pressing the jump key while casting will cancel the skill
  3. Number of casts have been increased. Attack Power adjusted in line with the number of casts
  • Total Attack Power +12.5%
  • Attack Power per hit +25% 

Bleed Blades

  1. MP Consumption Reduced
  2. Repeatedly pressing the attack key after casting the skill increases casting speed and number of casts
  3. Multi-hit attack will no longer knock up enemies
  4. Knock back distance of enemies hit by finishing attack decreased
  5. Attack Power slightly increased

Blood Majin

  1. HP Consumption -50%
  2. Ground energy size slightly increased
  3. Explosion size slightly increased
  4. Increased the interval of the decreased movement speed effect of enemies grabbed by the energy
  • 1s → 5s
  1. Super Armor when casting
  2. Attack mechanics improved when throwing
  3. Removed the mechanic where enemies were held during finishing explosion
  4. Enemies will no longer be knocked up during the finish explosion. Instead, they will be immobilized.
  5. TP effect has been changed. Grants 10% Attack Power per level

Sword Demon Strike

  1. Skill can now be used while jumping
  2. Casting it while jumping will use swing attack in the air
  3. Attack Power slightly increased

Sword Demon Strike Upgrade


  1. Bonus Attack Power per level increased to 10%

Sanguine Choreography

  1. Illusions will select target based on the monster’s level
  2. Adjusted illusion mechanics for better targeting

Offering for the Greedy

  1. Chance to create fog every time you attack an enemy
  2. Fog absorption range increased
  3. Bleed level of all skills will increase every time you increase this skill
  4. Fog chance and duration adjusted in line with the skill change
  5. Fog stack number decreased (5 → 3)
  6. Bonus Skill Attack Power per Fog has been readjusted
  7. Duration is reset every time you absorb Fog

Predator Galoa

  1. Galoa can be called back or re-summoned after casting the skill
  2. Galoa’s enemy targeting time and attack time decreased. Enemy detection range increased
  3. Every time Galoa attacks an enemy, fixed amount of damage will be returned to the character as HP
  4. Super Armor when casting

Usurper Phnom

  1. Daimus’s Attack Speed increased
  2. Cannot be hit while casting the skill
  3. HP Consumption -50% when casting  


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