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Sword Master

Skill Balancing


Sword Master Changes

Sentiment Du Fer Critical

  1. Bonus Critical Attack Power skill mechanics has been changed
  • SP Consumption decreased (30 → 15)

Weapon Mastery 

  1. Added Bonus Physical Attack Power value
  •  Lv. 1 Weapon Bonus Physical Attack Power: 1.8%
  •  Lv. 24 Weapon Bonus Physical Attack Power: 11%

Short Sword Mastery

  1. Added Dual Casting which allows you to stack 2 elements on your weapon using Elemental Shift
  • Dual Casting Sub Element Attack Power: 25% of old Attack Power
  • Bonus Elemental Shift activation rate mechanic has been changed.
  1. Swift
  2. Katana Mastery
  1. Added automatic max charge function (Crescent, Swift Demon Slash) and cooldown reduction for skills activated with Blade Dance
  • Activated Skill’s Cooldown Reduction Rate: 10%
  1. Blade dance Cancel automatic recovery time decreased
  2. Imperial Swordsmanship - Katana Attack Power Bonus added
  3. Elemental Shift Attack Power Bonus added
  4. Removed bleed that occurred when you land a hit with Sliding Slash
  5. Added a function that recovers 1 stack of Blade Dance for every 10 combos
  6. Bonus Attack Power received after cancelling with Blade Dance is now accumulative
  7. Amount of Attack Power Bonus received when cancelling Blade Dance skill has been increased

Zanbato Mastery

  1. Added Bonus Slash Attack Power to Flash and Arcane Sword
  2. Grants Super Armor when Crescent Skill activates.
  3. Changed Multi Hit to 2 hits and Attack Power has been rebalanced.
  4. Increased Slash Range
  5. Added Sliding Slash Super Armor
  6. Added Imperial Swordsmanship - Zanbato Attack Power Bonus
  7. Swift Demon Slash Finish Attack Power Bonus function will now increase Attack Power Swift Demon Slash Attack Power
  8. Chargeable skills Swift Demon Slash, Imperial Swordsmanship - Zanbato 2nd hit and Crescent will now increase skill damage for a set duration when used at full charge
  9. All Skill’s Attack Power slightly increased
  10. Skill Attack Power Bonus Buff Duration: 20s
  11.  Chargeable skills Swift Demon Slash, Imperial Swordsmanship - Zanbato 2nd hit and Crescent will now increase range for a set duration when used at full charge
  12. Chargeable skill’s range slightly increased
  13. Removed a mechanic where attack power and range of Imperial Swordsmanship - Zanbato Attack Power was increased after charging
  14. Swift Demon Slash Charge time Bonus Removed
  15. Fully Charged Buff Duration increased (20s → 30s)

Bludgeon Mastery

  1. Arcane Sword Blast’s chain explosion will now explode at once
  2. Landing Mountain Press, Tossing Slash, Illusion Sword, Arcane Sword Blast, Imperial Swordsmanship Shockwave after Elemental Shift
  3. will now decrease the enemy’s elemental resistance of your current elemental shift per shockwave hit
  • Elemental Resistance will stack up to 5x and Elemental Resistance is reduced by 6 per stack (Reduced Elemental Duration : 5s)
  1. Amount of enemy’s Elemental Resistance decreased when you land the shockwave will gradually increase as level goes up.

Blade Dance

  1. Blade Dance will now charge in real time
  • Blade Dance Charge Time: 6.1s
  1. SP Consumption decreased (25 → 15)
  • Attack Power slightly decreased
  • Activation chance slightly increased

Elemental Shift

  1. Changed to a toggle. Duration removed
  2. Elemental Shift can now be removed by pressing the Spacebar after casting it

Magic Sword Medley

  1. Light Mjonir’s targeting improved
  2. Fire (Burning Eye) Attack Power slightly increased
  3. Shadow (Soaring Black Flowers) Attack Power slightly increased
  4. Knock-up power on strike decreased
  • SP Consumption decreased (30 → 15)


  1. Skill Attack Power slightly increased

Swift Demon Slash

  1. It will now be activated immediately at maximum charge

Soul Render

  1. Soul stack will be acquired every critical strike on enemy
  • When you attain maximum Soul Stack, you will gain 1 charge of Blade Dance
  1. The higher the level of Soul Render, the more skill attack power from the Soul Stack buff you will receive
  2. During the Soul Render duration, if you land a critical strike on an enemy marked with Soul and obtain 5 stacks, buff duration will be refreshed
  3. Removed a mechanic where you gained Bonus Blade Dance stack upon getting 10 stacks
  4. Soul Mark creation cooldown improved
  5. Soul Render buff duration increased
  6. Skill Attack Power Bonus adjusted
  7. At Spacetime Cutter Level 6, UI Level display will be changed immediately when gaining stacks

Ultimate Slayer Technique 
: Spacetime Cutter

  1. Skill Attack Power slightly increased
  2. Draw Sword preparation time slightly decreased
  3. Skill Level 6 Effect (Blade Dance, Soul Render Skill level increased) Duration increased
  4. Skill Level 9 Effect has been changed to cooldown reduction of all skills for a set duration
  5. Casting Speed Improved
  6. Magic Sword Medley will be activated when hitting
  7. Can be casted after cancelling with Blade Dance
  8. Can cancel post delay time with Blade Dance

Dragon Mortar

  1. Ascending Dragon skill has been changed to Dragon Mortar
  2. Magic Sword will now fall on the ground and explode
  3. Added a mechanic where you pull knocked up enemies from the air to the ground when falling
  4. Final Hit explosion range’s attack mechanics adjusted
  5. Changed to an instant skill where soaring sword effect is created when you dash forward and cast uppercut

Swift Sword Upgrade

  1. Bonus Attack Power per level increased to 10%

Flash Upgrade

  1. Bonus Attack Power per level increased to 10%


  1. Self-immobility duration decreased
  2. Added a mechanic where Attack Power is increased when fully charged
  • Skill Attack Power increased by 20% when fully charged

Illusion Sword

  1. Slightly decreased the downward strike power and final shockwave’s knock up power
  2. that is activated after learning Bludgeon Mastery
  3. SP Consumption decreased (30 → 25)

Sliding Slash Upgrade

  1. changed to Lv. 3 maximum skill
  • Attack Power will increase by 8% per level starting from Lv. 2
  • Lv. 1 function will stay the same


  1. Attack Power slightly increased
  2. Stacked enemies will be pushed away when you dash attack

Swift Sword

  1. Attack Power slightly increased

Elemental Eradicator

  1. Improved the enemy knock up upon casting
  2. Final Hit will no longer knock away enemies

Tossing Slash

  1. Can be cancelled with Blade Dance when used on ground

Arcane Sword Blast

  1. Knock up height increased when soaring sword hits

New Skill



Imperial Swordsmanship

  1. Added a special sword technique passed down to the imperial swordsman. Effect changes based on the weapon type.
  • Imperial Swordsmanship - Zanbato: Pulls enemies toward you and executes a deadly strike (Unique: Super Armor)
  • Imperial Swordsmanship - Katana: Performs fast slashes in front (Unique: Quickness)
  • Imperial Swordsmanship - Bludgeon: Strikes enemies consecutively (Unique: Shockwave)
  • Imperial Swordsmanship - Short Sword: Releases a swords containing elemental power in front (Unique: Magic Sword Medley)


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