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Hell Mode Item Changes

Hell Mode Item Changes

  1. Items dropped in Hell Mode will be changed.
  2. You can no longer acquire Uncommon and Legacy equipment from Hell Mode.
  3. In the Insane Difficulty of Hell Mode, 6 rare items and an epic item can drop.
  4. In the Hard Difficulty of Hell Mode, 4 rare items and an epic item can drop.
  5. Epic drop rate has been scaled up to compensate for the lesser amount of items dropped. Therefore, the chance to acquire an epic equipment remains the same.
  6. Epic Fragments and Demon Invitation has been added to the drop table.
  7. Epic Fragments dropped in each difficulty: Normal = 5, Expert = 6, Master = 8, King = 9, Slayer = 10. 
  8. Up to 5x Demon Invitation can drop from Hell Mode and the number of Demon Invitation dropped will be based on the difficulty of the dungeon.
  9. Demon Eye’s overall drop rate will be slightly increased. Demon Eye’s drop rate will be fixed regardless of the area.
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