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Scenario Dungeon and Area Adventure Mode

Scenario Dungeon

  1. Scenario dungeon will be added to all dungeons. Scenario dungeons are based on epic quests.
  2. It will be added to all dungeons from Abnova area to the PowerStation area.
  3. Dungeon progression map will be shown when you enter Scenario Dungeons.

  1. Scenario Dungeons will have its difficulty fixed at ‘Normal.’
  • The first story dungeon you enter will have its difficulty set at ‘Normal.’
  • Difficulty will change as you progress through the story.

  1.  The requirements for entering Scenario Dungeon is as follows.
  • There’s no level restriction when playing scenario dungeons.
  • If you do not meet the level requirements for normal dungeons after you clear scenario dungeons, you will be restricted from entering.
  • You cannot enter if you have an epic quest in-progress for that dungeon.
  1. Each Scenario Dungeon’s boss monster will be changed.
  • A boss monster which fits the story will be placed in each Scenario Dungeons.
  1. Entrance requirements for special dungeon of each area will be changed.
  • Changes will be made so that special dungeon will only be available when you have accepted a Side Story quest.
  • After you have cleared the quest, you can enter dungeons via Area Adventure mode.


Area Adventure Mode

  1. When you clear the last epic quest of each area, Area Adventure mode will open.
  2. You can select difficulty for Area Adventure mode and you can select up to the maximum difficulty selectable in normal dungeons.
  3. You will be randomly entered into scenario or special dungeons in the corresponding area when you play Area Adventure Mode.
  4. Special dungeons will be included in the Area Adventure Mode.
  5. You will receive one of the quests already completed from Scenario Dungeons when you enter via Area Adventure mode.
  6. You will automatically acquire reward as you complete the mission and clear the dungeon.
  7. The unique item obtained from Area Adventure mode has a high chance to be equippable by your character.


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